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Edwin Liang Introduction The problem statement posed by my team is, “How do we monitor the sanitation of the water coming from a dirty reservoir to the irrigation systems.” The article that I am using is, “Modern Engineering Intervention to Reduce the Transmission of Diseases Caused by Inadequate Domestic Water Supplies and Sanitation in Developing Countries” by DD Mara. We are concerned about not only the level of cleanliness of the water that immediately leaves the reservoir, but also the water that is transported over many miles throughout the state. Purpose The main purpose of this engineering article is to provide a solution to the sanitation problem in developing countries. Unsatisfactory degrees of sanitation and amounts of water are the cause of diseases in these countries as well as 4% of all deaths in the world (Mara, 2006, p.1). In addition to addressing the technological aspects, the author also suggests how the new improvements can be maintained through tariffs. Key Question The key question that the author is addressing is, “What is ‘required to provide poor … households with adequate…water supplies and sanitation’?” Supporting Information The most important information in this engineering article is taken from UNICEF: more than two billion people in the world do not have sufficient sanitation. The author describes the most prevalent diseases associated with this lack of sanitation. The list includes oral waterborne diseases, Geohelminthiases, Taeniases, insect diseases, and rodent diseases. There is also evidence provided for how the world’s economy is harmed: in United States currency, up to $200 billion was lost. Countries living in poverty produced only one third of what they could
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AR_1_Edwin_Liang - Edwin Liang Introduction The problem...

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