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Edwin Liang Introduction The final problem statement that my team reached consensus on is, “How do we prevent the water in Tamil Nadu's Irrigation system from having damaging effects on plants?” The article that I am using is, “Characterizing Water Circulation and Contaminant Transport in Lake Geneva Using Bacteriophage Tracer experiments and Limnological Methods.” We are focusing specifically on the initial step of the solution: detection of substances in the water that will pose a threat to plants. Our responsibility is to identify the sites where contaminants are most abundant and delegate the task of removal to another group. Purpose The main purpose of this scientific article is to provide a way to describe the transport of pathogens, agents that cause disease, in the Bay of Vidy in Switzerland. Key Question The key question that the author is addressing is, “What effective methods can be utilized to determine how contaminated water spreads?” Supporting Information The most important information in this scientific article is that there are more than just one source of contaminated water. They include wastewater treatment plants, other rivers, and storm water outlets. The testing procedure begins with injecting the various types of phages at the three locations where contamination of the lake began. The equipment and strategy involved are pumps, hosepipes, and directly releasing into the middle of the river. When the water was
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AR_2_Edwin_Liang - Edwin Liang Introduction The final...

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