Netflix - #!/usr/bin/env python import RMSE, math, sys from...

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#!/usr/bin/env python import RMSE, math, sys from RMSE import rmse userDict = {} movieDict = {} movieRatingDict = {} userDecadeDict = {} probeDict = {} decadeDict = {} predicted = [] actual = [] def computeRMSE(): """ Compute the root mean square error of the actual and expected ratings. """ global predicted global actual print actual print predicted return rmse(tuple(actual), tuple(predicted)) def netflix_read (filename) : """ Read a movie .txt file. Returns a list of all lines in that one movie file, first element is the ID of the movie itself """ assert type(filename) is str data = [] data = open(filename).readlines() assert type(data) is list assert type(data[1]) is str return data def netflix_write (results) : """ Writes each movie ID and rating into a file, 1 line per movie id and it's rating """ assert type(results) is list outFile = "RunNetlix.out" FILE = open(outFile, "w") FILE.writelines(results) FILE.close() def netflix_eval (probeData) : """ Compute the predicted rating of each customer per movie and return a list of predicted movie ratings """ global decadeDict global userDecadeDict global userDict i = 0 tempMovieID = 0 returnList = [] while i < len(probeData):
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if probeData[i][-2] == ":": tempMovieID = int(probeData[i][ : -2])
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Netflix - #!/usr/bin/env python import RMSE, math, sys from...

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