OBLFair_Table - int maxHunger; int numHungers; }...

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#ifndef _OBLFairTable_H_ #define _OBLFairTable_H_ #include "sthread.h" static const int NO_PHILOSOPHER = -1; typedef int CID; typedef struct chopStick{ CID cid; struct chopStick *nextStick; int holder; int dirty; int hunger; } chopStick; typedef struct OBLFairTable{ chopStick *baseStick; int lastStick; smutex_t *tabmutex; scond_t *tabcond; int plates; int dirtyplates; //concerning number of eaters int eaters; scond_t *noeaters; //concerning cleanliness scond_t *dirty; scond_t *clean; int cleanerReady; int busboyHasStuff; int busboyHasSomeStuff; int gotSticks; int gotPlates; int gotBowl; //bowl variables scond_t *bowlcond; int servings; int serverHasBowl; scond_t *bowlreturned; //concerning fairness
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Unformatted text preview: int maxHunger; int numHungers; } OBLFairTable; void OBLF_init(OBLFairTable *t, int nPlates); void OBLF_startEating(OBLFairTable *t, int philosopher); void OBLF_doneEating(OBLFairTable *t, int philosopher); void OBLF_takeEmptyBowl(OBLFairTable *t); void OBLF_returnRefilledBowl(OBLFairTable *t, int servingCount); void OBLF_waitUntilAllPlatesDirty(OBLFairTable *t); void OBLF_gatherSticks(OBLFairTable *t); void OBLF_gatherBowl(OBLFairTable *t); void OBLF_gatherPlates(OBLFairTable *t); void OBLF_returnSticks(OBLFairTable *t); void OBLF_returnBowl(OBLFairTable *t); void OBLF_returnPlates(OBLFairTable *t); #endif...
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OBLFair_Table - int maxHunger; int numHungers; }...

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