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#ifndef _SimpleStats_h_ #define _SimpleStats_h_ #include "sthread.h" typedef struct SimpleStatsS{ smutex_t mutex; int n; int verbose; int *eatCount; int *eatingNow; int curSimul; int maxSimul; int totalFill; int totalEat; time_t lastCheck; int lastCheckEatTotal; int infiniteBowl; int fillingBowl; int cleaningSticks; int cleaningPlates; int cleaningBowl; int cleaningCount; } SimpleStats; void SS_init(SimpleStats *s, int n, int verbose, int infiniteBowl);
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Unformatted text preview: void SS_eatingStart(SimpleStats *s, int id); void SS_eatingDone(SimpleStats *s, int id); void SS_fillingStart(SimpleStats *s); void SS_fillingDone(SimpleStats *s, int amount); void SS_cleaningStart(SimpleStats *s); void SS_cleaningDoneBowl(SimpleStats *s); void SS_cleaningDone(SimpleStats *s); void SS_progress(SimpleStats *s); void SS_printStats(SimpleStats *s); #endif...
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