MGT 440 Spring 2008 - EVE Syllabus rev 1-01-08

MGT 440 Spring 2008 - EVE Syllabus rev 1-01-08 - MGT 440...

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MGT 440 Spring 2008 W.P. Carey School of Business SLN: 30510 (Evening) Mondays 6:05 – 8:55 p.m. BA 265 Course Syllabus Instructor: Gary Naumann, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship Office: BA 323C Telephone: 480/965-1674 E-mail: Office hours: Wednesdays 10:40 – noon and by appointment An Overview Entrepreneurship is at once fun and frustrating, magical and maddening, all- consuming, yet allows you freedom and independence. It is rarely boring. It is truly an endeavor that allows you to build something from scratch and succeed or fail by your own devices. This course is structured in much the same manner. You will be challenged every step of the way to build upon your strengths and to identify and mitigate your weaknesses. This course is an integral part of the Department of Management’s Entrepreneurship Concentration. It is positioned as a follow-on to MGT 394, Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Value Creation and a pre-requisite to MGT 445 – Business Plan Development. MGT 440 is designed to provide students with a framework and a skill set for evaluating and developing entrepreneurial opportunities. You will also be challenged to develop and refine your individual entrepreneurial perspective. Coursework will focus on identifying, evaluating, valuing and developing opportunities from the specific perspective of the entrepreneur. The course will revolve around a series of cases, readings and class discussions. These cases/readings/discussions are designed to build a comfort level with understanding and solving problems faced every day, in real life, by a broad spectrum of entrepreneurs at various phases of the venture development, from concept to harvest. Interwoven through each case discussion will be a significant emphasis on understanding the valuation and financing of entrepreneurial ventures. Grading Class participation 1/3 Mid-Term 1/3 Final 1/3
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Expectations Please note the following: My expectation is that each of you will contribute significantly to each class. This is not a lecture class…it is case and discussion driven. The exhibits are key. It requires significant preparation for each session, and especially requires active, quality participation on your part. Quality participation means thoughtful, substantive contributions and the willingness to engage me, and fellow class members, in spirited debate. To encourage the highest quality of preparation and participation, I will routinely “cold call” on several class entrepreneurs each session to either lay out the case/reading for the rest of us, or speak to a specific element of the analysis. Granted, 1/3 is a significant component for class participation, but consider this: - We will spend nearly 40 hours together in the classroom. 1/3 is an appropriate weighting, compared to the time allotted for exams. -
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MGT 440 Spring 2008 - EVE Syllabus rev 1-01-08 - MGT 440...

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