Assignment for Hotel Cassiopeia

Assignment for Hotel Cassiopeia - Response Paper for Hotel...

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Response Paper for Hotel Cassiopeia Due February 24, 2010 The overview: In class we spoke about the challenges of adapting a novel for the stage and you compared an example from Toni Morrison’s novella The Bluest Eye to Lydia Diamond’s stage adaptation. Some consider Hotel Cassiopeia a stage adaptation of the visual artwork of artist Joseph Cornell. In this assignment, in 2-3 pages you will answer the question, “Does Hotel Cassiopeia successfully adapt Joseph Cornell’s visual art (know as ‘Cornell boxes’) to the stage?” The specifics: In order to do this, first look at several images from Joseph Cornell’s artwork – available both on Blackboard and in the lobby before the show. For background on Cornell, read the Hotel Cassiopeia program note and visit this site: Then identify THREE SPECIFIC choices in the play – they can be moments from the dialogue (in which case you should paraphrase the dialogue), a movement an actor makes, an object or set piece on stage, the way light hits an object, etc. (These are just example – you are in no way limited to these topics.) In your paper, discuss how each of the three choices you identified relate to Cornell’s visual art ( not his biography - focus instead on the Cornell boxes). In other words, in what way did the playwright, actors, and the designers take images or ideas from Cornell's work and put them on stage? Your analysis of each of the three choices should all support the major thrust of your paper, which is to evaluate whether the choices successfully adapt Cornell’s visual art to the stage. Note that this is not a review: We are not asking whether you liked or disliked the production. We are asking if you thought it was a successful adaptation. Please target your analysis to that question. Other reminders: Submit your response paper over blackboard as a .doc (not .docx) no later than the time your class BEGINS on February 24. Late papers will be subject to the penalty described in the syllabus. Students who leave before the end of the production and write responses as though they stayed may be subject to an academic dishonesty inquiry. Also remember that plagiarism is not just using another work word for word. It is also stealing
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Assignment for Hotel Cassiopeia - Response Paper for Hotel...

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