Feburary 18 - S uper notes for test #2 Feb 18 End of 19th...

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Super notes for test #2 Feb 18 End of 19 th Century The Civil War ends in 1865- there was no larger/more purposeful event. In 1852- Harriet Stowe publishes Uncle Tom’s Cabin The 13 th amendment adopted into constitution abolishing slavery Industrialism is spreading. . US is the most heavily industrialized nation in the world. Going back for a second- 1893, the first publication of Maggie a Girl of the Streets 1897- open boat published Back to 19 th Dehumanizing machines replacing people, inevitable, giant corporations begin to beformed, people start flocking to cities to find work, agragarian farming is done. Lower classes begin to find a way to show their voice- THEY ARE VOTING! A lot of political groups emerge, and so does political corruption. Economic power held by a few Adventures of Huckelberry fin- nothing like it, one of great American novels Twain’s term for this time was THE GUILDED AGE, yet decline, wealth and poverty – lots of extremes. Henry Adams saw America as a land of unrivaled power and ?? Telegraph came between US and England, railroads?? Pony express, frontier shrinking… Notion of heading west, striking it rich by finding gold. 1870 to 7, 8 years, the population of the US doubles in size Immigration after civil war picks up, more than a 3 rd of population is now foreign born Women = nation’s dominant culture force – because they tend to do all the buying 1883 the women’s home journal is founded, women comng out of their shells. Dickinson’s poetry published at this time. New York replaces Boston as literary center and remains one of the literary capitals of the world. Twain and others, middle clss with journalistic backgrounds don’t believe that a good writer comes from the academic world. Realism: some characteristics 1) this literary movement deals with recognizable people, or types in a recognizable setting. 2) it deals with manners rather than deep philosophical questions. 3) characters in a realist story generally know what happiness consists of, and are able to varying degrees- to achieve it. 4) very often purely realist stories or novels turn on the question of marriage or the society’s rules are. Realism deals with a reasonable, non theological morality. ( by reasonable here I mean what is the story “the other two had” ended with Waythorn, fed up with his wife, who is presented one time from his perspective in a sexist, perverse way as an “old
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shoe which too many feet had worn” had a firt of pic at the end when all the husbands are in the room and stormed out, etc…) Mary Wilkins Freeman Wilkins Freeman was someone who remained for sometime in her life as a spinster (as they say), this was time when there were lots of women who had promised themselves of engagement to men who had gone off to fight in the civil war. She didn’t get married till her middle age . .a lot of women begin working. Old Maid – a woman in her 40’s 50’s who isn’t yet married… we ask
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Feburary 18 - S uper notes for test #2 Feb 18 End of 19th...

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