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The New England Nun Nothing to do with a nun, Louisa is just unmarried She’s sewing because she enjoys it Two different perspectives of this story one is that Louisa Ellis is neurotic. The other interpretation is strategic healthy response to a life she’s built for herself for 15 years. She uses her china for herself, cooks nice meals for herself. She bakes things for her dog. She’s engages Joe Dagget lives with him mom??? Louisa and Joe are going to marry and live with his mother. Joe is described as a bear in the china shop She sweeps up after him, wants to sweep up his track? Cleans up after him Louisa’s mom and brother and was alone in the world, she’s very comfortable with herself.
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Unformatted text preview: Marriage is the inevitable conclusion of things. Shes an artist in her own home, her own domesticity- getting married would put a stop to this. Overhears a conversation b/w Joe and Lilly Deyer- wishing that they could stay together. Joe- decent guy, lilly deyer- decent woman?? And then Louise senses a soft commotion behind the bushes (they are kissing), Louise Ellis never knew she had any diplomacy in her but she found it. She has a feminine weapon- shell end up making everyone happy by breaking off the engagement. She chooses not to marry and keeps her nice life that she has kept and loves it. Calculus of happinesss- the greatest good for the greatest number of people....
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