March 4 - Mar 4 Stephen Crane (continued): Maggie, A Girl...

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Unformatted text preview: Mar 4 Stephen Crane (continued): Maggie, A Girl of the Streets Thursday, March 04, 2010 12:28 PM Luc Sante's Int ro 1. Go back and read again later Maggie 2. Bread & circuses o Romany days. Masses are ignorant and dangerous. Too many ppl could be physical trouble. An outcry to protest. How to keep small: you have to give them something to eat. You have to give them entertainment 3. Time of Maggie o Circus: melodrama (like soap operas), drinking (Gin mol- hard on the female body) 4. Jimmy Johnson- urban setting (nothing's every finished- heaps of gravel, buildings half built). A parody. 5. Religious references o References to the devil 6. Book of pure, unrelenting naturalism. Tops open boat. 7. Crane able to completely escape the upbringings of his parents 8. He goes back to the idea that social ethics do matter o There is goodness within us counts. 9. Crimson: statement that Crane will call Maggie. She is the scarlet letter. 10. [Crane published this book himself in 1897 b/c other people wouldnt very rare, huge significance of publishing something youself] 11. "Prolly" instead of probably NY slang 12. Jimmy is Irish, but they're in NY now 13. Very modern 14. Kids born into poverty and they are not getting out. They have hell to pay. Assassins. The idea of chorus 15. Almost like a play. Where set on a stage. This is a tragedy not a melodrama. 16. Urban nature is personified on page 1 17. Pete is a bar-tender-- drinking o Has a "Chronic sneer"-on going smirk- already has this image at age 16 18. A lot of ppl smoking pipe. A lot of older women because they thought smoking was good for the lungs. 19. Vices are important to turn to. 20. "they departed and they went" --> famous sentence!! 21. Degradation- start and show and very rapid decline of everybody in the novel 22. I rish and Italian immigrants. A lot of babies - lack of birth control 23. Gutter - strong symbol of naturalism. Strong confine ETC CHECK (33mins in) 24. The other classes are craftier about not showing their emotions 25. Rampant: violent in action. Furious. Spirit raging (Mary). She is a mother. Large I rish women 26. "career--- path" bottom of page 7 27. Hell-ish references 28. "Go to Hell"-- damning her soul 29. Tells him to stop scolding the kid but it's more about her.. Something in the lines of you are driving "me" crazy.. More about the her than the kid 30. Luring..? 31. All families are dysfunctional but their family is exceptional o Mary throws furniture when she gets made 32. Animal imagery - we are hunted animals. Urban jungle 33. Maggie- cub 34. "looks the kid with hatred" 35. Chapter 3 36. Old woman is a beggar. But has more virtue than Jimmy's family. 37. "Grower" a pale of beer 38. Page 13 tenement house, ppl in there are excited that the Johnson's are fighting something to watch/listen o But Repetitive boring life 39. Chapter 4 40. Beautiful writing 41. Short direct sentences 42. "Died"-- no euphemism like passed away 43. "insignificant" -- naturalism 44.One sentence paragraphs44....
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March 4 - Mar 4 Stephen Crane (continued): Maggie, A Girl...

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