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March 11 - -All the ‘judgers’ are here and a lady keeps...

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Mar.11 Chater 19 - “a woman eating like a fat monk” – religious reference o The woman is Mary, she is a mess, she is continually a mess, Jimmie comes in (soiled, unshaven man) says to Mary that “Mags dead” (Naturalism is very direct – straight up just says that) o After she finishes eating, and then she talks about when Maggie was a little girl and waering little bitty shoes; she gets sentimental and others in the tenement house feed on this drama and gather on the hall - Pg. 68: someone saying to forgive Maggie for all the madness she has done
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Unformatted text preview: -All the ‘judgers’ are here, and a lady keeps saying biblical things Famous line -- “Oh yes, I’ll forgive her” – kind of too late, Mary sits in God’s judgement-Maggie’s character flaw is that she is a Romantic, and believes that her knight in shining honor will save her, but in Naturalism – you save yourself, and you have to be the savior.-A very sentimental ending, Mary doesn’t truly forgive, she just wants to forgive herself...
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