Perkins -- wallpaper - Feb 25 Charlotte Perkins Gillman...

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Unformatted text preview: Feb 25 Charlotte Perkins Gillman Thursday, February 25, 2010 12:32 PM Charlotte Perkins Gillman 1. She was going live a privileged regular traditional New England life but her father left when she was young. So grew up in a very female centric raising 2. Ancestors to Harriet Brother Stowe 3. Wasn't into domestic duties. She was an artist 4. 1892 in New England magazine o Turn of the century 5. Gothic story couched in Realism 6. Publishes the story and is picked up 2 year later. I t now appears in every anthology o Yellow Wallpaper important 7. 1st marriages was not good and husband didn't want her to write and do anything like that. She was told never again to write, paint, or read for more than 2 hours 8. Dangerous woman 9. Freud published his theories in 1900. this started the increase in analogical studies. Psych 10. "Female Poe" Yellow Wall Paper 11. The story elevates itself into the genre of the American literary canon 12. Best horror stories of the 19th century 13. Wrote the story to show the mistakes made in medical science and treating the insane 14. Short direct sentences 15. She starts off decorating the estate which is what normally women did, described domestic issues 1st. She is not afraid to say that something is odd within the house 16. "John expected… etc" -- find the quote 17. John is a man of facts and figures. He is determined to tell her that she isn't sick.. So "man up" 18. He is a physician-doctor 19. She takes what she is told to take, don’t work, told not to think what she feels 20. Becomes a metaphor. The mad women in the attic 21. Idea of family is gothic 22. She cant write, read or work and She is told what she feels. Ie she can't keep a journal 23. She is in a nursery, basically jail -- with bars on the windows. With rings on the wall 24. She secretly keeps a journal. Writing is her only outlet. 24....
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Perkins -- wallpaper - Feb 25 Charlotte Perkins Gillman...

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