Wharton -- other two

Wharton -- other two - Feb 23 Read hand outs Heavy Crane...

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Feb 23 Read hand outs Heavy Crane component on exam 2. No match ups with naturalism, modernism, etc… Realism: recognizable people and settings, laughter… “his own life had been a great one…”---he describes Alice as a “used” woman. At this time a woman who marries should be a virgin, untouched, and consummates sexual relationship with one man and one man for life. This turns the virginal status into commodity. Waythorn has to overlook all these things, he knows his wife’s history, she’s moved up with each husband’s status…in the paragraph that begins with Alice Hascket (her first married name)---a sentence in the paragraph says “divorce is a diploma of virtue.”- Ironic perspective from the author. Waythorn choses to ignore the rumors that she has married up the social ladder but he clearly knows it. In the wallstreet phase he had discounted…there’s lots of legal, economic metaphors in the story. It’s a story about business. “nothing was known about Hasket in NY” No one knew of her first husband, he was a small town man. She comes off as a shallow person. She obeys his legal injunction (legal metaphor)
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Tricky awkward patch where the second husband runs into first husband, and turns out bc Garrett’s boss who is Waythorn’s something is laid up with the Gout (swollen ankles- eating too richly/fatty foods/alcohol). So the ex husband has to work with current husband and adds
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Wharton -- other two - Feb 23 Read hand outs Heavy Crane...

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