February 23 -- the storm

February 23 -- the storm - startles her and she falls into...

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Kate Chopin - Born in St. Louis moved to New Orleans (Cajun/French dialect) o Known for Louisiana dialect stories - Irish immigrant parents, rich merchants, wanted daughter to be educated  at Roman Catholic convent school and learn French - Married to Oscar Chopin at 19 o He died and she was left with 6 kids - Wrote about subjects that challenged normal female scripts  - The Awakening (1899):  was too racy, and wasn’t celebrated till 1950 “The Storm”  - Written in 1890’s, but not published till 1960 because was too racy - Husband (Bobinot) and son (Bibi) are staying at store during the storm,  and Calixta is at home safe at the cottage  - Alcee rides up to her house, asks to stay, hasn’t seen him since her marriage  and has never been alone, she lets him in because it is raining  - Bedroom is described (which normally wouldn’t be at this time), lighting 
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Unformatted text preview: startles her and she falls into Alcee’s arms o Her body is warm, describes color of her lips (pomegranate seed)-Biblical references (Whitman-esque) o Describes body parts with religious metaphors -To save her virginity, he results to flight? -Used to have a thing before her marriage-They have sex inside, while storm is outside -Father/son come home, son is dirty, Calixta is happy, they come home and relax-Alcee sends his wife a letter saying for her to stay away a while and he will wait for her, wife is happy and surprised and was enjoying herself anyway-The storm passes and everyone is happy (realism)-Bobinot doesn’t know what happened, but he is happy since his wife is happy-Story celebrates something that is normally condemned (adultery) o Happiness can be found in adultery...
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February 23 -- the storm - startles her and she falls into...

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