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Unformatted text preview: somes, Genes, Alleles Fitness, Selection Crossover, Mutation GA terminology In the spirit – but not the letter – of biology GA chromosomes are strings of genes Each gene has a number of alleles; i.e., settings Each chromosome is an encoding of a solution to a problem A population of such chromosomes is operated on by a GA Components of a GA A problem to solve, and ... Encoding technique (gene, chromosome) Initialization procedure (creation) Evaluation function (environment) Selection of parents (reproduction) Genetic operators (mutation, recombination) Parameter settings (practice and art) Simple Genetic Algorithm { } initialize population; evaluate population; while TerminationCriteriaNotSatisfied { } select parents for reproduction; perform recombination and mutation; evaluate population; The GA Cycle of Reproduction reproduction children modified children parents population deleted members discard modification evaluated children evaluation Population population Chromosomes could be: Bit strings (0101 ... 1100) Real numbers (43.2 ­33.1 ... 0.0 89.2) Permutations of element (E11 E3 E7 ... E1 E15) Lists of rules...
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