Communication networks manufacturing facility

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Unformatted text preview: lem is similar to one that has already been successfully solved by using a GA Want to hybridize with an existing solution Benefits of the GA technology meet key problem requirements Some GA Application Types Domain Application Types Control gas pipeline, pole balancing, missile evasion, pursuit Design Scheduling semiconductor layout, aircraft design, keyboard configuration, communication networks manufacturing, facility scheduling, resource allocation Robotics trajectory planning Machine Learning Signal Processing designing neural networks, improving classification algorithms, classifier systems filter design Game Playing poker, checkers, prisoner’s dilemma Combinatorial Optimization set covering, travelling salesman, routing, bin packing, graph colouring and partitioning Encoding A data structure for representing candidate solutions Often takes the form of a bit string Usually has internal structure; i.e., different parts of the string represent different aspects of the solution) Crossover Mimics biological recombination Ssome portion of genetic material is swapped between chromosomes Typically the swapping produces an offspring Mechanism for the dissemination of “building blocks” (schemas) Mutation Selects a random locus – gene location – with some probability and alters the allele at that locus The intuitive mechanism for the preservation of variety in the population Fitness A measure of the goodness of the organism Expressed as the probability that the or...
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