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ECEL 304-Summer 2008-2009-syllabus

ECEL 304-Summer 2008-2009-syllabus - ECEL 304 ECE...

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ECEL 304 ECE Laboratory IV Summer 2008-2009 Instructor: Dr. Christopher Peters, Electrical and Computer Engineering Office: Bossone 512, Phone: 215-895-6604, Email: [email protected] Prerequisites: ECEl-301, ECEL-302, ECEL-303 Overview Over these ten weeks we will construct and test a digital recording system. Our circuit is similar to a data acquisition system. Its function is to record a portion of an analog signal and then play it back. The circuit consists of an analog to digital converter (ADC) front end, an 128k x 8 RAM chip, and a digital to analog converter (DAC). Associated circuitry includes an on-board timer, address generation, and read/write control. We will supplement the circuit construction with two PSpice simulations which will develop some basic understanding of the circuits involved. This project will take the entire 10 weeks of the term. There are seven steps in the circuit project. Some steps have pre-lab assignments. All steps have tasks and deliverables. A detailed timeline is available on the course web site. Step 1 Review of ADC and DAC Step 2 Building the ADC Circuit Step 3 Build the DAC Circuit Step 4 Introduce Static RAM Step 5 Introduce Control Logic Functionality Step 6 Build the On-Board Clock Step 7 Final Changes Reference Books The Art of Electronics, Horowitz and Hill, any edition A Guide to Writing as an Engineer , D. Beer and D. McMurray, Wiley and Sons, 2005, ISBN 0-471-43074-9 Course Web Sites http://www.ece.drexel.edu/courses/ECE-L304 WebCT Vista http:/webct.drexel.edu Course Goals Provide a practical experience in circuit prototyping Integrate analog and digital circuit design concepts Further develop student's OrCAD/PSpice circuit simulation expertise Emphasize the Logic Analyzer as a diagnostic tool Incorporate system-level and scheduling considerations into design
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Course Format We have a one hour common lecture and a two hour lab period each week of the term. In some cases work will be required outside of the regularly scheduled hours for circuit construction and testing. Lectures will be presented using PowerPoint slides. Copies of the presentations will be
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