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Step 5 Instructions

Step 5 Instructions - Have your TA verify circuit...

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Welcome to Adobe GoLive 5 file:///C|/Documents and Settings/Drexel/Desktop/ECEL304-Summer 2008-2009/Step 5/step5.html[6/17/2009 6:36:36 AM] Step 5. Build the System Clock PreLab Choose 555 timer schematic to build Find RA, RB, C for your bandwidth Tasks Place clock circuit on your board according to floorplan Wrap Test Use the oscilloscope to confirm that the results match your design On-time Off-time Duty cycle Compare the output trace to the Trigger/Threshold signal Deliverables
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Unformatted text preview: Have your TA verify circuit functionality Short introduction Sketch your test circuit(s) Write up your 555 timer design: Design criteria What were the specs you wanted? Show your RA, RB, C values and explain how you got them sample calculation graph Compare actual circuit performance to your design using tables, sketches, hard copies, simulations or whatever else you need to make your point There is a 555 in the Capture parts library...
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