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Step 6 Instructions

Step 6 Instructions - Step 6 Instructions Step 6 Introduce...

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Step 6 Instructions file:///C|/Documents and Settings/Drexel/Desktop/ECEL304-Summer 2008-2009/Step 6/step6.html[6/17/2009 7:14:58 AM] Step 6 Introduce Control Logic Functionality Prelab Read the data sheets for the 74LS112 Dual JK Flip Flop, 74LS08 Quad AND gate, and 74LS590 8-bit counter. Complete the Step 6 Prelab Worksheet Build Address Generator Assemble a 16 bit address generator using two 74LS590 8-bit counters. To get full credit for your hardware, design a simple modification to create a 17th bit. The memory chip will require all 17 bits to get the full use of the 1 MB available and to maximize the record time. Use your 555 timer circuit as the clock. Connect your address generator to the RAM address wire wrap pins in the lower center of your