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CHBE 241 Material and Energy Balances Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering The University of British Columbia Problem Session #4 Tuesday, 7 November 2006, CHBE 101, 2–4pm 1. Carbon monoxide and hydrogen (flow rates 25 mol/s and 75 mol/s respectively) are partially converted to methanol in a reactor according to the following reaction CO + 2H 2 = CH 3 OH Unreacted gases are recycled; the product stream contains 40 mol% methanol. Calculate the flow rates of all three components in the product stream 4 and the fractional conversion of H 2 . Mixer Reactor Separator 5 1 3 2 4 n H2,1 = 75 mol/s n CO,1 = 25 mol/s x M,4 = 0.88 . . Once you calculate the flow rates, do the DOF analysis for the system you used in your calculation. 2. A burner is designed to operate with 40% excess air for efficient combustion. If we are feeding it 60 L/min methane (CH 4 ), what air feed rate (in L/min) do you recommend? Air is 21 mol% O 2 . 3. 100 mol each of A and B are fed to a reactor where the reaction 2A + B
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