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CHBE 241 Material and Energy Balances Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering The University of British Columbia Tutorial 3 Wednesday, 22 October 2008, HENN 200, 3–5pm 1. 100 mol/min each of A and B are fed to a reactor where the reaction 3A +2B 11C + 8D takes place. If f CA = 0 . 5, what is f CB ? What are the flow rates of all components in the reactor product stream? 2. Carbon monoxide and hydrogen (flow rates 40 mol/s and 60 mol/s respectively) are partially con- verted to methanol in a reactor according to the following reaction CO + 2H 2 = CH 3 OH Unreacted gases are recycled; the product stream contains 25 mol% methanol. Calculate the flow rates of all three components in the product stream and the fractional conversion of H 2 and CO. Do the DOF analysis first. 3. A 15wt% Na 2 SO 4 solution is fed at a rate of 12 lb/min into a mixer that initially holds 100 lb of a 50-50 mixture (by weight) of Na
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Unformatted text preview: 2 SO 4 and water. The exit solution leaves at the rate of 10 lb/min. Assume perfect mixing, which means that the concentration of the exit solution is the same as the concentration in the mixer. What is the total mass in the mixer at the end of 10 minutes? What is the concentration of Na 2 SO 4 in the mixer at the end of 10 minutes? 4. A mixture of 20 mol% CH 4 , 50 mol% water, and 30 mol% N 2 is fed to a reactor at 1000 mol/h. The product stream includes all reactants, plus CO, CO 2 , H 2 , and NH 3 . 40% of the methane, 30% of the water and 20% of the nitrogen, are converted to products in the following chemical reactions: CH 4 + H 2 O = CO + 3H 2 CO + H 2 O = CO 2 + H 2 N 2 + 3H 2 = 2NH 3 What is the output from the reactor and the values of the reaction extents for the above chemical reactions? 1...
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