Starting Octave - Starting Octave. GNU Octave, version...

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Starting Octave. .. GNU Octave, version 3.0.0 Copyright (C) 2007 John W. Eaton and others. This is free software; see the source code for copying conditions. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; not even for MERCHANTIBILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. For details, type `warranty'. Octave was configured for "i686-pc-msdosmsvc". Additional information about Octave is available at Please contribute if you find this software useful. For more information, visit Report bugs to <[email protected]> (but first, please read to learn how to write a helpful report). For information about changes from previous versions, type `news'. - Use `pkg list' to see a list of installed packages. - MSYS shell available (C:\Program Files\QtOctave\octave\msys). - Graphics backend: gnuplot. octave:1>octave:2>A = 0 octave:3>octave:3> A(1,6)=0; octave:4>octave:5>octave:5> A(4,6)=0; octave:6>octave:7>octave:7> A(1,1)=1; octave:8>octave:9>octave:9> A(1,2)=2; octave:10>octave:11>octave:11> A(1,3)=3; octave:12>octave:13>octave:13> A(1,4)=4; octave:14>octave:15>octave:15> A(1,5)=5; octave:16>octave:17>octave:17> A(1,6)=6; octave:18>octave:19>octave:19> A(2,2)=-1; octave:20>octave:21>octave:21> A(2,3)=-4; octave:22>octave:23>octave:23> A(2,4)=3; octave:24>octave:25>octave:25> A(2,5)=5; octave:26>octave:27>octave:27> A(2,6)=7; octave:28>octave:29>octave:29> A(3,1)=4; octave:30>octave:31>octave:31> A(3,2)=6; octave:32>octave:33>octave:33> A(3,3)=8; octave:34>octave:35>octave:35> A(3,4)=5; octave:36>octave:37>octave:37> A(3,5)=4; A(3,6)=57; octave:38>octave:39>octave:39>octave:40>octave:41>octave:41> A(4,1)=7; octave:42>octave:43>octave:43>
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This note was uploaded on 04/05/2010 for the course MATH 3353 taught by Professor Hagstrom during the Fall '09 term at Southern Methodist.

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Starting Octave - Starting Octave. GNU Octave, version...

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