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practiceTest1 - verflow S ign Z ero mov ax,0BA56h add...

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CSE 2240 TEST 1 PRACTICE 1. What is the range of signed decimal values that can be represented in a 5-bit field using 2’s-complement? Give your answer in decimal and binary. 2. What is the purpose of the EIP register? 3. How much memory can be addressed in real mode? 4. How much memory can be accessed in protected mode? 5. In a microprogrammed architecture, what is the purpose of the CAR (control address register)? 6. List in order the three primary steps of the instruction cycle. 7. Order the four times of memory listed below in terms of access speed from fastest (1) to slowest (4). ____RAM ____cache ____register ____disk 8. Describe the relationship between machine code and microcode . 9. Give the requested register value and status flag settings after each of the following instructions has executed. The register values should be expressed in hexadecimal. The flag values should be expressed as 0 or 1. C arry O
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Unformatted text preview: verflow S ign Z ero mov ax,0BA56h add ax,0A954h ;ax= ______________ C=__ O=__ S=__ Z=__ add ax,0F000h ;ax= ______________ C=__ O=__ S=__ Z=__ mov ax,0D553h ;ax= ______________ C=__ O=__ S=__ Z=__ add al,0ADh ;ax= ______________ C=__ O=__ S=__ Z=__ 10. Use boxes, where one box equals one byte, to show how memory will be allocated and initialized for the following protected-mode program data segment. Be sure to include the offset of each label in the data segment. Give all answers in hexadecimal. Assume the 32-bit offset of the first item in the data segment is 000A0085 . BE SURE TO ACCOUNT FOR EVERY BIT IN A FIELD. .data 000A0085 V1 BYTE 3Ah, 254, 23h, -15 ____________ V2 DWORD V1, 7 ____________ V3 DWORD $-V1 ____________ V4 LABEL WORD ____________ V5 DWORD 0A1C3F5D7h myEqu = 5 ;remember, equates do not reserve storage ____________ V6 DWORD 2 dup (myEqu+10) 1...
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