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CSE 2240 Test 1 Study Guide This is a fairly comprehensive list of the topics you should be well aquatinted with in order to make a good grade on the test. The test will cover chapters 1-3. The test is open book, closed notes, and no calculators. 1. Signed integer representation (2's complement) 2. Unsigned integer representation 3. Character representation (ASCII) 4. Assembly language vs. machine language 5. Low-level vs. high-level languages 6. Instruction execution cycle (Fetch, Decode, Execute) 7. Radix conversions 8. Binary and hexadecimal addition and subtraction 9. Data allocation directives (BYTE, WORD, etc.) 10.Operators (DUP, $, LABEL, +, -, *, /, MOD, etc) 11.Symbolic constants (=, TEXTEQU, and EQU) 12.Data representation in RAM (bytes flipped) 13.Register names and sizes 14.Micro-programmed Architecture terminology 15.Pipelines 16.Real mode vs. protected mode 17.Carry, Sign, Zero and Overflow Flag settings 10. Use boxes, where one box equals one byte, to show how memory will be
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Unformatted text preview: allocated and initialized for the following protected-mode program data segment. Be sure to include the offset of each label in the data segment. Give all answers in hexadecimal. Assume the 32-bit offset of the first item in the data segment is 000A0085. BE SURE TO ACCOUNT FOR EVERY BIT IN A FIELD. .data 000A0085 V1 BYTE 3Ah, 254, 23h, -15: 3A FE 23 F1 000A0089 V2 DWORD V1, 7: 85 00 0A 00 07 00 00 00 000A0091 V3 DWORD $-V1: 0C 00 00 00 000A0095 V4 LABEL WORD 000A0095 V5 DWORD 0A1C3F5D7h: D7 F5 C3 A1 myEqu = 5 ;remember, equates do not reserve storage 000A0099 V6 DWORD 2 dup (myEqu+10): 0F 00 00 00 0F 00 00 00 The Control Address Register holds the address of the next microcode instruction to be executed. There is a 1-to-many relationship between machine code and microcode. Each machine instruction is carried out by a microcoded subroutine....
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