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Discrete Computational Structures, CSE 2353, Fall 2009 Homework # 4, 100 Points, Due 12/12/09 1. [20] Create adjacency matrix and adjacency list representation for the following graph. 2. [20] Find the minimum spanning tree of the following graph using Prim’s and Kruskal’s algorithm. 3. [20] Find the shortest paths from vertex z to all other vertices in the graph shown for Problem 2. 4. [15] Is the graph shown for Problem 2 a planar graph? Explain your answer. What’s minimum number
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Unformatted text preview: of colors required to color this graph? 5. a) [5] Draw circuit diagram for out = (xyz’ + x’y’z) b) [10] Use K-map to minimize the following expressions: I. xy’ + x’y + x’y’ II. xzwy + xyzw’ + xyz’w’ + xy’zw + xy’zw’ + x’yzw + x’yzw’ + x’y’z’w’ + x’y’z’w b) [10] Draw a circuit to add four-bit binary numbers using full adders....
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