WHAP Course Overview - Journals Mind Map (Double Daily)*...

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WHAP COURSE OVERVIEW First Six Weeks: Daily Grades: Stearns Chapter 1 Reading Check  Stearns Chapter 2 Reading Check  Stearns Chapter 3 Reading Check  Stearns Chapter 4 Reading Check  Major Grades:  Base Faiths PowerPoint Presentation (Quiz) Foundations Quiz Foundations DBQ (Test)  Second Six Weeks: Daily Grades: Stearns 5 Stearns 6 Pluralism in Islam Discussion Foundations Mind Maps (Double Daily)* Journals (Chapters 7,8,9)  Major Grades:  Foundations Test Comparative Empire Project Islam Quiz CCOT Essay
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Third Six Weeks: Daily Grades: Stearns 12  Mind Map Check Stearns 14 Journals (Double Daily)* Mind Map (Double Daily)* Chapter 12 Reading Check Major Grades: Comparative Feudalism Quiz World Systems Project (Test Grade) Unit One Test Fourth Six Weeks: Daily Grades: Chapter 19 discussion Stearns 16 Enlightenment Assignment
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Unformatted text preview: Journals Mind Map (Double Daily)* Major Grades: Trade Created Discussion Quiz Grade Trade Created (Written Portion) Quiz Grade Unit Two Quiz Comparison Essay (Quiz Grade) Unit Two Test Fifth Six Weeks: Daily Grades: Chapter 23 Chapter 27 Cultural Imperialism APPARTS Cultural Imperialism Outline Visual Documents Exercise Journals (Double Daily)* Mind Map (Double Daily)* Major Grades: Comparative Revolutions (Test Grade) The Man Who Would Be King (Quiz Grade) Quiz: Chapters 23-24, 27 Unit 3 Test AP Themes Presentations (Test Grade) Sixth Six Weeks: Daily Grades (ONLY ONE): Five Factors Assignment Major Grades: Quiz Chapters 29-32 Socratic Seminar (Quiz Grade) Unit 4 Test Course Review (Quiz Grade)...
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WHAP Course Overview - Journals Mind Map (Double Daily)*...

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