Inter Acct Chapter_18_day_two_solutions

Inter Acct Chapter_18_day_two_solutions - Chapter 18 Day 2...

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Chapter 18 Day 2: Question 18-19 For a stock dividend of less than 25%, a "small" stock dividend, the fair value of the additional shares distributed is transferred from retained earnings to paid-in capital. The reduction in retained earnings is the same amount as if cash dividends were paid equal to the market value of the shares issued. The treatment is consistent with the belief that per share prices remain unchanged by stock dividends. This is not logical. If the value of each share were to remain the same when additional shares are distributed without compensation, the total value of the company would grow simply because additional stock certificates are distributed. Instead, the market price per share will decline in proportion to the increase in the number of shares distributed in a stock dividend. Question 18-20 The effect and maybe the motivation for the stock split is to reduce the per share market price (by half). This will likely increase the stock’s marketability by making it attractive to a larger number of potential investors. The appropriate accounting treatment of a stock split is to make no journal entry, which avoids the reclassification of “earned” capital as “invested” capital. However, if the stock distribution is referred to as a "stock split effected in the form of a stock dividend," and the per share par value of the shares is not changed, a journal entry is recorded that increases the common stock account by the par value of the additional shares. To avoid reducing retained earnings Brandon can reduce (debit) paid-in capital – excess of par to offset the credit to common stock, although it’s permissible to debit retained earnings.
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Inter Acct Chapter_18_day_two_solutions - Chapter 18 Day 2...

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