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Sarah Benton CD Online 4.1

Sarah Benton CD Online 4.1 - classifications behind...

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Sarah Benton Cultural Diversity Online SP09 P. 33# 1 According to Dr. Michael Omi, classification of “race” in the United States has changed in recent years from a biological meaning to more of a social concept. Demographic changes throughout our country attribute to this fact, as well as social and economic perspectives. According to Omi, US citizens feel a need to lump groups, such as gender, race and age, into very type-specific groups. These groups, while having biological origins, are mostly based in socio-economic backgrounds now. Although most United States citizens want to classify and specify the exact group into which a person fits, this is not always possible. This action is comfort based, and allows us to figure out how to treat a person. Due to intermarriage, migration patterns, similarities in race and other factors, the lines of biological races have been blurred, leaving these socio-economic
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Unformatted text preview: classifications behind. Situations in which similar looking people are mistaken for a completely different nationality due to the color of their skin and their actions or dress can be attributed to this. Omi’s anecdote of local Hispanics being targeted in Southern California during the Iranian Hostage Crisis is a perfect example of this. According to Omi, Americans want to be “colorblind”, but due to the lack of distribution of resources, this practice is simply not possible. In order for colorblindness to occur, a class-based system would have to be integrated into our society, which would not happen. The race and class ideas would need to be separated, but they are forever intertwined in our country. The current racial hierarchy in America will forever be an issue as long as class and race are linked in the citizens’ minds....
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Sarah Benton CD Online 4.1 - classifications behind...

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