Sarah Benton Cult Div SP09 1.1

Sarah Benton Cult Div SP09 1.1 - Sarah Benton Spring 2009...

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Sarah Benton Spring 2009 Cultural Diversity in America Ch 1, #1 In the first segment of the tele-course, the instructor discusses an overview of culture, race, diversity, and the general melting pot status of the United States. The instructor divides the first lesson into several distinct segments, including an overview of the vocabulary that will be used, a video on the melting pot that is Chicago, Illinois, an information sharing segment in which the students share their backgrounds and he tallies the information, and a study on the differences between race and ethnicity, and why a difference exists. The instructor ends his lesson talking about the culture of communities. This first lesson introduces many of the topics that will be covered in the course, as well as introducing the students and himself. In his video introduction to the course, Adams shows the class several clips of various places and topics that will be discussed. Topics include human rights and different values, old culture versus new culture, violence in the media, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender issues, affirmative action and racial pride. These issues were presented through several interviews with everyday people who had experienced these issues first hand. After the video, Adams presented the class with a question and answer session, in which the issues of positive and negative issues in culture were discussed, in addition to the fact that the specific worlds of the students were not as broad as they had previously thought. In the second segment of the lesson, the class reviewed important vocabulary for
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Sarah Benton Cult Div SP09 1.1 - Sarah Benton Spring 2009...

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