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sarahbenton cult div AA #2

sarahbenton cult div AA #2 - Sarah Benton Cultural...

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Sarah Benton Cultural Diversity kalenga delpitAfrican Americans Part 2 The interviews in this week’s video are very informative on the topics of cultural imagery and education within a culture. The professors interviewed both touched on key points that are issues within the African American culture and the world’s view of the culture. Maulanga’s view on afrocentricity and the values of the African American culture is very interesting. He states that African Americans must root themselves in their own culture, but must continue to be a part of the world. “Common ground” was an important part of Maulanga’s interview, with the argument that everyone has the responsibility to contribute to the “structure of society”, wherever they may be. One of the most interesting points I felt he made was on the topic of misconceptions of ethnic cultures. He stated that many people feel that cultures are completely based on “food, fashion and festivals”, which I felt is completely true in today’s world.
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