sarah benton civil war #3

sarah benton civil war #3 - Sarah Benton Civil War &...

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Sarah Benton Assignment 3 Dred Scott The Dred Scott v. Sanford decision, and subsequent overturns of the decision, changed the fate of slavery, especially in the western territories. The case was based around a slave who had traveled to Illinois, a free state, with his master. The two stayed in Illinois for an extended period of time, while Scott’s owner contracted him out to friends. This situation was illegal, given that Scott was acting as a slave as opposed to just being owned as a slave in the free state. Scott eventually sued for his freedom, based on the fact that he had legally lived in a free state, and therefore could not return to being a slave upon reentering the South. Dred lost this case, but eventually the decision was overturned during the Slaughterhouse Cases. The implications of the Dred v. Sanford decision were extremely harsh in that time, but the effects of the decision to overturn them eventually led to the abolition of slavery. The Dred v. Sanford decision led to several changes in the legislature of the time,
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sarah benton civil war #3 - Sarah Benton Civil War &...

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