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Sarah benton CRW #5 - Sarah Benton Civil War &...

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Sarah Benton Assignment V 1. Lincoln’s Proclamation was issued in 1863. This document addressed several major concerns of the newly reformed country, especially those of the Southern states. One of these concerns was the reconciliation of property in the South. Many homes and properties were destroyed throughout the warzone, and these properties were returned and restored to those who lost them, with the exception of highly ranked Confederate officials. The second and third caveats were related to state and local governments. The Southern states needed to have at least 10% of landowning adults pledge their allegiance to the United States in order to have an organized state legislature formed, and in turn, these legislatures could deal with the freed slaves in whatever manner they chose, as long as they maintained their freedom. These provisions were more or less well accepted in the South, and allowed the Southern states to re-enter the Union with very little trouble. 2. Andrew Johnson was a Southerner who staunchly supported the Union’s cause. As a
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Sarah benton CRW #5 - Sarah Benton Civil War &...

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