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At the end of “Beowulf”, his people decide to burn his body in a funeral pyre. This type of funeral was very common at the time. Beowulf was placed in the middle of many shining swords and pieces of armor, as he had asked to be. When the funeral pyre had burnt out, Beowulf’s people buried his ashes, along with his belongings and the dragon’s hoard, in a huge burial mound at the top of a cliff, where everyone could see it. This was
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Unformatted text preview: also a common practice of the time. His people buried the treasure along with their King because the original owners of the treasure had cursed the hoard for all time. Burying Beowulf with all of this splendor and in such a grand fashion was also a sign of respect. It showed that his people respected him highly and would miss him greatly....
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