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sarahbenton CWR final - Sarah Benton Civil War...

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Sarah Benton Civil War Reconstruction FINAL 1. During the Civil War, men from both the North and the South had many reasons to fight. Honor towards family and country, poverty and destitution and glory were all reasons that men from both sides fought. Under these general reasons, however, were specific drives from both Northern men and Southern men that fueled the War. Before and during the Civil War, the mindset in the North was that the South was in the wrong, and that the North needed to change that. The Northerners believed that the Southern rebellion was like that of a teenager, and they needed to be controlled. This led to many original soldiers feeling the need to quell the rebellion. Later on in the war, however more young men joined, and the aim was more for glory and a leg up economically. The pride that one could have in fighting for their country was a heavy prospect for the young, poor immigrants of the North. These men, or even boys, could make a name and a history for themselves, all while gaining valuable tools and insight into the military lifestyle, possibly in order for them to gain a promotion. The Northerners were not unlike the Southerners in this sense. Honor, glory and pride
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sarahbenton CWR final - Sarah Benton Civil War...

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