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Euro- racism-nationalism

Euro- racism-nationalism - nationalism the two were very...

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Sarah Benton Online Modern Euro FA08-O-LS-86195 11/15/08 In the late nineteenth century, the idea of nationalism was just becoming popular. Things such as a common language for nation-states and races living in close quarters with each other led to racism against others and nationalism for localities. Since most areas were racially segregated from others, the drawing of specific country lines led to even more competition between the races. Industrialization and unions led to bigger and more productive cities. Situations in urban areas, such as overcrowding and sickness, created racial tension. The poor flocked to the urban areas to get jobs, and generally lived in racial ghettos, leading to contempt of their entire culture by the upper classes. The division of classes (bourgeoisie, etc) also led to racism, due to the fact that some races, as a group, fell into specific classes. Since the idea of racism is directly related to the idea of
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Unformatted text preview: nationalism, the two were very big issues in Europe at the end of the nineteenth century. The amount of racism significantly affected the outcome of many countries’ futures, such as Russia and other eastern European countries with many minorities. Some of these minorities, such as Gypsies, were forced to move from country to country, without a home base, due to extreme racism. This affected nationalism in a positive way, though, as xenophobia usually does. Many countries where the Gypsy groups tried to settle banded together against the outsiders, which, interestingly enough, brought together majorities and other minorities within those countries. Due to the state of affairs in the late nineteenth century, the appearance of nationalism and the existence of racism in Europe at this time were linked together....
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