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Euro-Euro Citizens-Govts and war

Euro-Euro Citizens-Govts and war - murder of Franz...

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Sarah Benton Online Modern Euro FA08-O-LS-86195 11/15/08 So many European citizens, along with their governments, were eager for war in 1914 due to the state of imperialism that they had existed in for so long. Many countries in Europe had been vying for control in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and this had led to dissent between the imperialistic countries. This was caused by extreme nationalism on the part of the citizens, and greed on the part of the governments. Shipping ports, gold and many exotic exports were the reason for this imperialism, and some of the more powerful countries, such as Russia, France and Great Britain, wanted more land. This tension build all through the end of the nineteenth century, and came to a head with the
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Unformatted text preview: murder of Franz Ferdinand by the Black Hand in 1914. Governments took advantage of the new middle and lower classes who were looking for jobs and were all too willing to serve their country (nationalism), and made them soldiers. The larger, more powerful European governments were eager for war, because upon winning, they would gain more land in the desirable areas of Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The smaller, less powerful European countries were not so eager for war, as they stood to lose the only power in the world that they had. The state of Europe at this time, both for citizens and for the government, was just right for a major war....
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