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sarah benton powerpoint outline - The Estates-General led...

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The Estates-General, led by Abbe Sieyes and Mirabeau, both commoners, was an organized group of 577 members of the First and Third Estates. This group was an instrumental part of the French Revolution, as they usurped the King’s power with the “Tennis Court Oath”, and also formed a basis for modern French government. The Estates-General had met several times over the 300 years they were in power, but had not met for over 150 years in 1789. This group was instrumental in fixing many social issues of the time, including price gouging in livestock and food prices, poor urban living conditions, high royal expenses and an excessive national debt. The Estates-General met in 1789 to tackle these problems, and made an effort to provide a link between their constituents, who were becoming agitated in the countryside, and the royal family, who had no idea what was going on. Estate leaders started to demand an Estates-General in 1787, but the King denied their requests, appeasing them by saying he would call one within the next five years. The King and his advisors did not want to deal with the economic and social issues of the time, and therefore commuted the Estates meeting to a later date. The Estates leaders held their meeting anyway, forcing the King to listen to their issues. Representation was a major issue of the meeting, as the Third Estate felt they were not receiving enough recognition of their size compared to the other Estates (97% of the French population). This lack of representation led to an even stronger front for the Third Estate. Pamphlets
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sarah benton powerpoint outline - The Estates-General led...

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