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Mirabeauanoblemanischosentorepresentthethird estate

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Unformatted text preview: ed equally (basically, that the extra representation would not matter). E st at es-Gener al Or ganizat ion Or • The powers that were saw the early signs of the change of power, and to avoid havoc, allowed double representation of the Third Estate, and held up orders that each group vote be counted equally (basically, that the extra representation would not matter). • Mirabeau, a nobleman, is chosen to represent the Third Estate. • He declares that the Third Estate will be called the “Commons” from now on. M eet ing of t he E st at es eet • The King and his advisors wanted to focus solely on the idea of taxes, but not representation. • This angered the Third­Estate, who had assumed upon the agreement of double representation that they had won their...
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