tennis court oath

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Unformatted text preview: s, but of the people” • The slow separation of the Third Estate from the other two during the Estates­General mimicked the widening rift between the social classes that was occurring all over France in 1789. T he Beginning of t he Nat ional Assembly A ssembly • This separation caused the Estates­General to be tense, ergo not very successful for the Estates trying to get more representation, lower taxes and other problems solved. • This bureaucratic stand­off sparked much controversy, and the day after the end of the meeting, Abbe Sieyes declared the Third Estate rename themselves the Communes, or Commoners, and separate from the other two Estates. T H E NATI ONAL ASSEM BLY A SSEM -L EADI NG UP TH E TH E TENNI S COURT -L OATH OATH • The Third Estate eventually moved from calling themselves the “Commoners” to the “National A...
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