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Unformatted text preview: e among commoners Reconvening Reconvening • A push to reconvene the Estates­General began in 1787, but King Louis XIV stonewalled the effort, stating he would call it to order within the next five years. • The Estates­General reconvened in May of 1787 due to deep­seated financial issues in France. • The Third Estate demanded appropriate representation, as they represented 97% of the French population M iir r or ing t he A m er ican Revolut ion r mer • Due to the total misrepresentation of the massive Third Estate, many great Third Estate thinkers joined the fight for equal representation, many efforts mirroring that of the previously won American Revolution. • Abbe Sieyes writes the free pamphlet, “What Is The Third Estate?” in 1788 • The powers that were saw the early signs of the change of power, and to avoid havoc, allowed double representation of the Third Estate, and held up orders that each group vote be count...
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