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Unformatted text preview: NSTI TUENT ASSEM BLY A SSEM • The National Assembly formed officially in late June, 1789 • After July, 1789, it became known officially as the National Constituent Assembly. • King Louis attempted to move the NCA out of Paris to usurp its power, but the citizens had already rallied themselves N at ional Const it uent assembly • The NCA organized and carried out many integral plans and events in French history, including: Helping plan the Storming of the Bastille Putting an end to French feudalism Womens’ rights Royal “émigrés” (the royal family fled to Germany and England) • The execution of much of the royal family • • • • L egislat ive Assembly • From 1791­1792, the assembly called itself a “Legislative Assembly”, which was a “constitutional monarchy. • This meant the assembly and...
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