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tennis court oath


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Unformatted text preview: ssembly”. • King Louis did not appreciate this move of resistance, and on June 20th, 1789, declared that the Salle des Etats, the National Assembly building, be cordoned off. T H E TENNI S COURT OATH OATH • The National Assembly, in a deliberate move, met instead in the Kings private tennis court, an ironic move, since the French Revolution involved the lavish living style of the royalty next to the impoverished citizens. • The tennis court was immediately closed as well, so the Assembly met in the Church of Saint Louis along with clergymen and members of the other two Estates. T he TENNI S COURT OATH OATH • While meeting in the King’s personal, indoor tennis court, the Third Estate and its constituents decided to convene whenever, wherever they could until a fair constitution was met. • This oath was a pivotal point in...
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