tennis court oath

Tennis court oath

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Unformatted text preview: T h e T ennis Cour t Oat h & he ennis our T h e B eginning of t h e he eginning he A ssemblée n at ionale ssemblée Sarah Benton Modern European History Online Fall 2008 T h e A ssemblée n at ionale he ssemblée at Over view Over • All but one member of the Estates­General signed the “Tennis Court Oath”. • This assembly became the basis for the French National Assembly, which was the leading legislative group of the time. • Organized by Abbe Sieyes and Mirabeau. E st at es-Gener al of 1789 ener -I nt r oduct ion-I • 577 members of the Third and First Estates, collectively called the Estates­General. • First time the group had met collectively since 1614. • The Estates­General was the leading force behind the French split from the Crown. I nt r oduct ion, Cont . • In 1789, the group was brought together again to discuss social issues of the time, many caused by King Louis XIV’s poor reign • • • • • High livestock and food prices Poor living conditions in urban areas High spending and living costs by the reigning estate The country’s excessive national debt The revolutionary spirit coming to life in the countrysid...
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