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EME Machiavelli Sarah Benton

EME Machiavelli Sarah Benton - Sarah Benton Early Modern...

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Sarah Benton Early Modern Euro, Winterim 08-09 OnlineMachiavelli In his work, “The Prince”, Machiavelli outlines what a principality needs in a leader. Machiavelli states that this leader must be both moral and virtuous in order to maintain a successful country, yet use cruelty on one if necessary for the stability of the rest of the country. He states that a Prince should be both feared and loved, but in the absence of either, fear is the better emotion. “The Prince” has been the baseline for many generations of political and business leaders and continues to influence people searching for power. Machiavelli supports many conflicting views in “The Prince”. While he preaches justice and morals, he also states that a leader must sacrifice one for the community, and that fear of a leader is a more successful route than love of a leader. The book can be basically summarized by stating that one who wants to obtain, keep, and administrate
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