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EME medicis

EME medicis - today This bank also led the family to become...

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The Medici were an Italian family who, through their  involvement in commerce, finance and other business endeavors,  managed to control almost all of their city-state. They were in power  for almost 4 centuries and contributed greatly to society, most notably  in architecture and art that is still present today. The family was a  major force in Italy, and most of Europe, during it’s time in power, and  produced many doctors, businessmen, several members of European  royalty, three Roman Catholic Popes and many patrons of the arts  and sciences.  One of the most famous business or financial contributions that  the Medici’s made to Italian society was the Medici Bank. This bank  not only put the family on the map as the richest on the continent, but  also created the system of double ledgers, which is still used in banks 
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Unformatted text preview: today. This bank also led the family to become involved in their City-State’s government, albeit informally. The Medici family also made great contributions to the arts and sciences. Some of their more famous sponsored artists were DaVinci and Donatello. The family also was a great supporter of the research of Galileo Galilei, who was a close family friend and tutor. Galileo even named some of Jupiter’s moons after the Medici children he tutored. The Medici used these artists and scientists as a way to garner more money. The Medici family’s power over Italy lasted almost 4 centuries, and in that time, produced and sponsored many amazing contributions to society that are still present and in use today....
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