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Sarah Benton EME Online Winterim Martin Luther Script Born in 1483, Martin Luther was a German religious reformer who changed the face of modern religion. His “95 Theses” effected not only his, but many generations to come. Luther is commonly known as the “Father” of modern Protestantism. Luther’s crusade against the Catholic Church urged many of his contemporaries to do the same, spurring on several centuries worth of religious wars. His perseverance in this battle gave him many struggles, as the Catholic Church was both religious and state head at the time. Luther educated observations on the misuse of religion and the failed workings of the Catholic Church led an entire continent into religious awareness. Luther’s quest for religious freedom began in 1505, after he graduated from college. Shunning law school, Luther decided to become a priest. While working for the Church, Luther saw the inside workings of a very flawed system. In 1517, Luther became aware of a Church-sanctioned practice that was taking over Germany and the rest of Europe. The sale of indulgences, or basically, glorified spots in heaven, angered him, and out of this anger, came
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“The Disputation of Luther on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences”. This
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martin luther paper - Sarah Benton Script EME Online...

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