Fame in the Name

Fame in the Name - Fame in the Name By Sarah Benton...

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Fame in the Name By Sarah Benton Aristotle- Born in Stagira, Macedonia, in 384BC, Aristotle was a son of a physician to the royal court. When he was 17, he went to Athens to study at Plato’s Academy. He later went on to tutor the king’s son, Alexander, who later went on to become Alexander the Great. Aristotle died in 322BC. Bach- Born on March21, in 1685, in Eisenach Germany, Johannn Sebastian Bach was a German Baroque Composer. He received his first instrument at the age of seven. Barbarossa- Operation Barbarossa started on June 22, 1941. It was Hitler’s idea to storm all other military bases that were not his own. It ended on January 14, 1943. Blackbeard- Edward Teach (also known as Captain Blackbeard) was born around 1680 and died in 1718. He was greatly feared for his robberies. He died of the coast of Beaufort, North Carolina, when a Virginian Governor sent two British ships to attack Blackbeard. Caligula- Born in 12AD, this Roman Emperor’s real name was Gaius Caesar- The reason his nickname was Caligula, though, was his small shoes in military camp. “Caligula” means “Little Boot” in Latin. Casanova-Born in 1725, this Italian adventurer was almost a priest, but instead, he was kicked out for misconduct. Castro- Born in 1926, this Cuban Prime Minister has been leading since 1959. Cato- Born in 234BC, Marcus Porciuos Cato was a Roman statesman and writer. Chanel- Coco Chanel, born in 1883, was a French fashion designer. Charlemagne- Charles the Great was born in about 734. He was a great leader of the Franks. He died in 814 Churchill- Winston Churchill was born in 1874, and he died in 1965. He was a great Prime Minister of Britain. He helped greatly during World War II. Cleopatra- Cleopatra was born in 69BC, in Egypt. Although her family ruled the Egyptian kingdom, she was Nubian. She died in 30BC . Columbus-Born in 1451, Christopher Columbus explored the world. In 1495, he discovered the
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Fame in the Name - Fame in the Name By Sarah Benton...

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