research proposal - Sarah Benton A merican Family Seminar...

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Sarah Benton American Family Seminar 2/15/10 Thesis Proposal This semester, I plan to focus my research on the American family on the home front during World War II. This topic has been of interest to me for a long time, and I plan to explore the home life of American citizens who were left behind by their fathers and husbands, who were serving overseas or in different parts of the country. I want to learn and research their changed family structures and daily habits, and find out if the lack of male father figure for the “great generation” affected them in a specific way as a group. This paper is an important topic to me, and therefore I will make every effort to explore the topic in depth, and to make a solid argument for my thesis. I believe that the absences of the men who fought overseas made a huge impact on their children and families, and therefore, made an impact on future generations and the future of our country. The sacrifice that these fathers and husbands made during World War II may have not only affected the outcome of the War, but also affected the way that our country operates
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on a local level. The absence of a father figure changed an entire generation.
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research proposal - Sarah Benton A merican Family Seminar...

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