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critical analysis 3 - Chapter 8 Fear Itself -Faceless man-...

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Chapter 8 “Fear Itself” -“Faceless man”- millions of people who were jobless/homeless and severely affected by the depression -discrepancy between what was actually happening and what was reported—poor/ homeless being viewed by middle class investigators -“when all else is wrong, one must do something” -suicide seemed to be only solution for some -asking for assistance: -italian man threatened to kill himself and his family because he was going to lose his house—gender roles/cultural expectations -women wrote to Eleanor R. asking for old clothes, etc -men asked for financial assistance -admission of failure as a provider -stealing, not paying rent, not paying bills became norm -pushed us farther down -experience of normal depression era citizen- -begging, paying bills late, finding no assistance, stealing, homelessness, hopelessness, no job, no food, orphans, suicide, clinical depression, alcoholism/drug use, death -attitudes towards dependence and lack of self sufficiency changed -american dream changed? -family economy- all working to help family survive- children included -wives roles began to change- anticipatory of WWII -children suffered greatly—lost childhood -“cardboard in shoe to go to school” -blacks suffered most -first to get fired, evicted, pushed aside in order for whites to succeed -lynchings rose -pop culture/radio was extremely racist : did not help! -public works associations tried to help via jobs, housing, etc Chapter 9: Moral Economics: American Values and Culture in the Great Depression -values were different across different areas, economic situations—farmers vs city dwellers, those with jobs vs jobless -laissez-faire has always been “American way” -workers=cooperative individualism -businessmen=acquisitive individualism -middle class fluctuates based on historic period -“I realize that in the United States, there is enough for all, but on account of selfishness and greed, some are getting, while others are not.” -communism- 60% polled said “the govt should not allow a man who has
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critical analysis 3 - Chapter 8 Fear Itself -Faceless man-...

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