soul of a people

soul of a people - on American culture. The most important...

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Sarah Benton American Studies Ind. Study Spring 2010 Response 2 Taylor, David. Soul of a people David Taylor’s Soul of a People is a companion book to the Smithsonian Channel special of the same name. The book chronicles the stories of writers commissioned by the Writers Project sector of the Works Progress Association. Several writers are followed on their journeys throughout America, chronicling the strife and strength of Americans throughout the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. This book/video combination gave me a great view into the lives of the writers of the Federal Writers Project, as well as a great view into the lives of those affected. In researching different New Deal administrations, the FWP struck me as the least important from the outside, and yet, aside from the bridges of the TVA, or other physical pieces, it is the only product of the New Deal to leave a truly lasting impression
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Unformatted text preview: on American culture. The most important function of the FWP, in my opinion, was the collection of stories (oral tradition) from those they interviewed. From the Dust Bowl of the Midwest to the tenements of the urban areas, there were many stories to be told, and I doubt we would have access to those today if it were not for the FWP. Another important function that Taylor talks about is the availability of jobs within the FWP, even for semi-qualified candidates. People who were writers previously were able to get a job (albeit a huge step down from what they were used to) and people who had previously held other professions were able to step into the role of writer. This was the biggest reason that the FWP was included in the Works Progress Administration. Taylors Soul of a People (video and book), having been my biggest influence to switch my concept for my paper, will also be one of my more primary sources....
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soul of a people - on American culture. The most important...

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